We Solve Problems


We know the system and work as a team

Our team has deep experience in creating solutions to the problems families face with disability services. 

We come from nonprofits, private companies and the public sector, and we work together as a team. We solve problems in a way that considers all the factors that matter.  When the system has you boxed in, we look outside the box.

How We Do It

We Guide You


We are counselors, coaches and consultants, but most of all, we are guides.

We help individuals, families and communities solve problems and open doors for rewarding lives. We focus on the person and learn what they need. That's how you get to solutions that last a lifetime.

People and families have different resources and eligibility for support. That's why our experience working with a wide range of clients is valuable. If a public or private resource is available, we'll make sure you know about it. 

We Counsel, Coach and Consult


Inclusion Consultants, LLC is a safe place for individuals, couples, families and small groups.. You'll learn how to share and listen. Respecting one another’s feelings, beliefs and opinions is important. Every client learns strategies to share, listen and respect outside the safety of our office.

We Help You Control Your Life


People with disabilities can find it hard to get good therapy. Many offices hesitate to work with people with developmental and intellectual disabilities. We welcome our clients with IDD.

We know everyone has a voice and should have a say in their own care. It takes patience and experience to be able to listen well. We have both.

We show our clients that they have the power to make their own life plans. We help people secure the supports they know they need.

Our approach is to work with clients for a limited time. They'll come away knowing how to manage their support system themselves.

We Help Communities Open Doors


Inclusion works only if communities welcome people with differences. 

People all have differing ways to express themselves, to think, and to get around. Inclusion Consultants, LLC embraces those differences. We show community partners the value of places where people of all abilities can mingle.

Getting out and meeting people leads to confidence and a feeling of belonging. And that's what communities are all about. 

We do not accept insurance for our services. We work with our clients to access their insurance benefits and look for creative ways to create affordable, sustainable services and supports.

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